Saturday, September 01, 2012

Getting settled

We're finally finished with the move! What a bust week it has been. We've eaten out five times this week, so far. (Subway's footlong veggie delight is only $5, and a 6" is plenty long for both of us... Such a cheap, healthy, tasty, and fast meal!) We started packing our stuff up on Monday, moved a bit on Tuesday, packed more on Wednesday, moved the rest on Thursday, and then I spent all day Friday cleaning our old place. The electricity had been turned off a day earlier that it was supposed to be over at the old place (so frustrating) so I had to clean in the dark, or with an flashlight in one hand. Vacuuming was a challenge also. I had to use extension cords to connect to an outlet outside, and then after I finished one room my vacuum just stopped. After an hour or so it came back to life, but was working about half as well as it should have. Not fun, but there was a huge deposit on that place. I slept long and deeply last night, and I feel so much better. I am thoroughly exhausted. Luckily all that's left is putting everything in our new place away. That's my favorite part. It's sic a mess over here, but I'm so happy to be in a nice place that I don't even care. I love it here. It's just so well-designed, and so perfect for what we need.

Oh, and I'm writing this here so I never forget: if we ever move in the heat of the summer again, we MUST end the day with a few hours at a pool. We went to Seven Peaks water park after we'd moved on Thursday, and it was so relaxing. We didn't even go on any slides. The lazy river and the wave pool were so relaxing. Just being weightless and cooling down our sore muscles was exactly what we needed.

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  1. Bethany, are you still in Provo? Interested in tutoring Josie in Arabic 201? email me if you are. Thanks!