Monday, August 27, 2012

Moving! ...again.

We are moving this week! I'm so excited. We only had a summer contract here at the Bavarian Condos, and thank goodness. We thought we'd renew and stay here, but its not great. We've had a less-than-ideal experience here. We have stressfully been searching for apartments for the last three weeks, and I was getting so nervous that we'd really have to settle for something horrible, but last Tuesday we somehow found the most perfect apartment in Provo! It's a little basement apartment, but it's not dark, dingy, or old at all. It has a washer and dryer in a good-sized extra room, a dishwasher, two bedrooms, lots of counter space, two bathroom sinks, it's close enough to walk to BYU and our favorite park, but it's removed from the super social singles' scene, loud music, and block parties... and it was completely renovated four years ago, down to the dry wall. We'll also have the Internet finally! I can't believe I've lived without it since April! Well, sort of. I've had my phone. Anyway, I'm excited, and you can say farewell to poorly-formatted blog posts!

We are so so so happy to have signed a contract tonight. It was in high demand (they had about ten other couples trying to get it... one of them even came over to see it three times in one day!) I don't know why they chose us (maybe our hundreds of prayers?) but we'll take it.

I spent all day packing and cleaning, and we'll start moving tomorrow! It's a little smaller than our current apartment (we currently have nice 9-foot ceilings) so it's causing me to narrow down our belongings. I'm always a fan of downsizing, though; keeps things simple. DI loves me right about now.

I'll get some pics of the place tomorrow. It may not look like much or seem that fancy, but it's our dream come true!

Prayers = answered.

I also feel a need to mention that in all the chaos of packing and running to the store for packing tape, I may have had ice cream and salt and vinegar chips for lunch. You know how it is.

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