Friday, August 17, 2012

Why the blogging stopped (for a while)

Two words: Downton Abbey.

If you've seen it, you'll completely understand. If you haven't, you'd better cancel any plans you have for the weekend and get it done. I watched it (series 1 and 2) back in January, and I kept telling Kimball how much he would enjoy it. He must have thought it would be too girly, and he didn't show any interest... until his dad watched (and enjoyed) it. I was so excited that he wanted to watch it, and it had been long enough for me that it wasn't boring to watch again. We ended up having the most awesome and ridiculous weekend ever.

We borrowed the DVDs on Friday, and we watched all fifteen episodes and the extra-long Christmas special in about four days. It was fantastic. It was so much fun that I seriously have no regrets or shame in admitting that in that weekend we didn't go out to enjoy the beautiful weather, we took a small break from reading in the park, we stayed up way too late, and we ate too many treats.

Worth it? Most definitely. We can hardly wait for the third series!

(Is anyone else wishing they were around to enjoy the elegant styles of the 19teens? Let's bring those gowns back.)


  1. Now I'm seriously thinking about watching this series again. I felt guilty for watching it basically straight through with only bathroom breaks the first time, so I'll have to decide if I can afford that again. And yes, I love the feminine styles from that time!

  2. Haha, I'm pretty sure we've all been there.