Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An over-abundance of textiles

After years of hoarding fabric scraps, I'm finally putting them to use. I spent much of the day going through my bags and boxes of fabric - washing, folding, and organizing all of it. It feels so good! You accumulate a lot of very fun fabric when you have two interior designer parents (think lots of high-end, good quality, BIG fabric samples), and a generous aunt who was the costume director of the Hill Cumorah Pageant for like 6 years (it was her job to donate or get rid of extra fabric... and much of it came to me). It doesn't help when you love sewing and creating, and you have a hard time parting with anything that could one day be a part of something. (It borders on a disorder, but I'm working on it!)

Thanks to all that, I have so many awesome (and crazy) fabrics that I never would have considered buying myself, but I love that they're mine! I have some lovely things in mind to use them for, and I am so excited to finally do something with all of it. Especially since I'm starting to develop a minimalist mentality, and the sooner I can be rid of it all, the better. No more hoarding. I'm clearing out everything in my life, slowly but surely.

Hopefully these little projects of mine will be gracing the ol' blog with their presence sooner than later.

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  1. I just love organizing craft supplies! Just last night I bought a container to store all of my embroidery flosses and I was soo excited about having them all in order. Can't wait to see what you will create!