Monday, August 27, 2012

A day out with the littles

My little sister and I met up last week halfway between our homes at Thanksgiving Point (the name of this place has always bothered me). She has a three-month-old baby and an almost-two-year old baby. It was a fun day wandering through the dinosaur museum, watching chicks hatch, going on a horse-drawn wagon ride, and just playing together. I don't get to see these little ladies as much as I wish I could, so it was so nice to get to play with Annabelle, who's getting so smart and grown up, and to hold and cuddle baby Elizabeth, who's getting fat and smiley. It was also fun to catch up with my little sis, who I never would have imagined would have two kids before I even had one.

Strangest thing I saw all day: a setup of a human skeleton hurling a rock at a mammoth skeleton, which was crushing another human skeleton beneath its knee. Very bizarre.

1 comment:

  1. aw.
    i love the rock throwing skeleton man too. and that picture of annabelle eating the sandwich cracks me up for some reason.
    fun day.