Monday, July 23, 2012

Miniature Golfing

I'm just going to come out and say it; I don't like mini-golf. It was always a dreaded date-activity, and luckily Kimball never went there. We didn't do a lot of the typical datey things while we were dating, which was such a nice break for both of us. We were both just pretty tired of it all. So then, why, after a year of marriage, did we finally decide to go? Well, it was basically free, and that's about what it's worth to us. We got a free game (well, we actually have unlimited free games for a year, but I doubt will use all unlimited games... figure that one out.) with our Pass of all Passes (the ones we bought for $10). We were bored on Saturday, so we decided to mini-golf. I was hesitant, and it was just awkward at first - not our style. We both aren't fans of keeping score, or hitting that ball like ten times until you finally get it in, so we'd usually just hit the ball three or four times (yeah, we aren't great at it) and then move on. That, my friends made the game worthwhile. It just kept getting more and more ridiculous and hilarious, and we finally just couldn't stop laughing.

We were generally pretty bad at it, but there was one hole I have to tell about in detail.

Kimball went first. The object was to hit the ball up a ramp into a tunnel in a windmill, and then the ball would roll out near the hole (or in it, if you were lucky). If you didn't make it up the ramp, you had to go around another way full of angles and turns. Kimball hit his ball up the ramp, but it lost momentum halfway up and rolled back down, blocking my way. I hit my ball, which hit Kimball's, and sent it flying through the windmill, out the side opening, and landed directly in the hole! I got him his first hole-in-one! I was mad, especially since my ball was still sitting at the bottom of the ramp, at too awkward an angle to try going up. I had to go around. I hit the ball, and by some uncanny luck the thing went around all the proper turns, hit every appropriate angle, and landed in the hole on top of Kimball's. I was pretty astounded at my skill, especially when I got another bizarre hole-in-one on the very next hole. I'll spare you those details, but it was bizarre indeed, and the ball made the funniest 'plunk' sound as it bounced into the hole.

I didn't hit anything worth mentioning for the rest of our game. Kimball did get his own hole-in-one, though. We ended up starting a second game, since we were having so much fun. We also left halfway through that second game, because we got pretty sick of it after a while. So, we're back where we started.

It'll be fun to have a family one day and take the littles. I think it would be so funny watching little ones play. Probably even funnier than watching awkward group dates where the girls were WAY too over-dressed for golfing, and that was funny.

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