Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guilty pleasure

Yesterday was a long, tiring day. (Details on that later). By 11pm, we were exhausted, but we realized we had to go get laundry detergent and milk... a ninja's got to wash his costume. We got what we needed at the store and then Kimball caught me gazing at the salt and vinegar chips. I love them more than most things, but I rarely eat them. So unhealthy. They are maybe my favorite non-sweet treat, and they have been since I was little. (also fries with salt and vinegar - America doesn't know what it's missing there). I love them so much (I think all my sisters do too) that I call them salt and vinnies. It's endearing.

Kimball had pity on me, even though I'd been rather unpleasant and told me to get them. I was so happy. So so happy. I usually have such restraint in the junk food aisle, but I totally gave in, and was grateful he wasn't judging me for it. It brightened me right up. It was seriously amazing to see the change that came over me. Sort of pathetic, but I'm okay with it.


  1. Amazing. To be honest, this sort of thing is all I have been craving. Salty junk. We had a chippy not long ago and usually it makes me feel sick, but I enjoyed every salty, vinegary, fried bite.

  2. I couldn't go shopping last night cause I knew if I saw these I would have to buy them and eat them. All of them.