Saturday, July 07, 2012

Fire, water, and prayer

Forest fires have been taking their toll on Utah's mountains. It's been pretty horrible. Kimball and I were driving on Tuesday afternoon, and we saw what we thought was a beautiful, huge cloud, but as we looked closer we realized that it was smoke. Tons of multi-colored, billowing smoke. It was a little eerie. As we drove north towards Salt Lake the column of smoke grew and grew. It was fascinating to watch, and it looked as if it were glowing orange from within, but it was sad to think of all the damage being done below.

Two days earlier (on Sunday) our bishop had read a statement from the First Presidency (of the LDS church) asking church members to pray for rain and for safety for those affected by (and putting out) the fires. So when we saw this new fire start up after two days of praying with the rest of the state for rain, I was a little bummed.

The fourth came and went with beautiful weather (good for us, not for the fires) and then Thursday. Thursday it poured. It cleared up for little while in the afternoon, and then poured again. I was driving up the same street where I had seen the smoke on Tuesday, and was surprised to see that it looked exactly the same. I kept watching it, and realized that this time it actually WAS a huge rain cloud sitting directly over that poor old burnt mountain.

So, basically, God loves us. Keep praying everybody. It works, for real.

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  1. Ah I love it! I was visiting my family and I saw the fire on our mountain in Alpine. We had to be evacuated from our home for 2.5 days and it was absolutely terrible. When I woke up the morning I was going to fly back to Dallas, I went outside to check on it and said a prayer for my house and my neighbors. Then, lo and behold, I felt a rain drop. It was a miracle! An absolute beautiful miracle.

    Thanks for your post! What a beautiful picture.