Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Fourth

It turned out to be a weird day for us. We were in Salt Lake on Tuesday night (we had some great Indian food!) and then on Wednesday morning we went to a huge neighborhood breakfast that my parents were in charge of. They did a great job! There was a bluegrass band, a magician, face painting, balloon artist, cloggers, and a great breakfast! My only complaint was that I was feeling SO sick, and I just sat there and ate about six blueberries and three strawberries and sipped orange juice, while everyone else mingled, enjoyed pancakes, eggs, bacon, and chocolate milk. Not cool at all. We headed back to Orem to spend the day with Kimball's side of the fam, and the drive made me feel even worse, so I dropped him off so he could play and went home. I drank ginger ale and ate crackers and watched half of La Vie En Rose until I was too tired. I ended up taking a five-hour nap.

I woke up feeling slightly better, thank goodness, because we had tickets to Stadium of Fire! For my father-in-law's birthday he decided to take us all to see the Beach Boys and fire works! We had three rows of the stadium for our family, and (luckily) we were in the seat, not the benches... I still wasn't feeling great, so I had a frozen lemonade, which actually helped a lot, and as the night went on I just got better and better! The Beach Boys cured me! Okay, these guys are amazing. It was their 50-year anniversary, so they're in their 70s! They sounded fantastic. They were dancing and harmonizing like it was the 60s. I was surprised at how much I loved seeing them. It was so fun to here all these songs (Barbara Ann, Surfin' USA, California Girls, Cocamo, Good Vibrations, etc.) performed by (most of) the people who wrote them.

Kimball and I live close enough to the stadium to just walk home, so that was nice (traffic was a joke). Despite my five-hours of napping, I was exhausted when we got home. Today I'm feeling like I might be back to normal, (hooray!) which is so great after four days of nausea (no, this girl's not pregnant, but after this week pregnancy sounds awful. You all have my sympathy). Hopefully whatever I had is long gone. I'm definitely ready to enjoy this week again.

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