Monday, July 09, 2012

Anniversary (a month late)

We celebrated our first anniversary a month ago, (it's on June 10) and I knew this would be a long post. For some reason that kept me from writing anything at all. Silly. I have to write about it, though, because it was such a fun little getaway!

We booked the Getaway Package at the Little America Hotel in SLC. It's actually the same package we got for our wedding night (we even got the same room, ha!) The package includes a one-night stay in one of their bigger, fancier rooms (we're talking chandeliers, pink victorian furniture, and gold-framed mirrors), a bunch of treats and snacks in your room, and enough food credit to get you a midnight snack and a breakfast buffet for two in the morning. It's WAY better than the Honeymoon Package (in our opinion), which costs more and only gets you a golden key with the date inscribed, rose petals on the bed, and a bottle of sparkling cider. I'd rather have truffles, cookies, and a buffet.

It actually worked out well - Tiffany, the eldest of my sisters, was in town from Manhattan, so we met with the sissies for lunch on our way to SLC on Friday. (We spent a lot more time with her after our little getaway, and it was so good to see her! Also, my bro was in town from Chicago with his awesome wife just a couple weeks before that! I love my family!) Anyway, we had a super fun night with Mexican food, a windy walk through downtown, lots of time at the hotel's beautiful outdoor pool, watching the classic What's Up Doc? ("that's a person named Eunice?"), lots of snacks, a good hour or so of perusing our wedding photo-book and reminiscing about that day, lots of cuddles, and, well celebrating, and an irresponsible midnight call for room service. We got a chicken quesadilla with guacamole and a huge piece of chocolate cake, which we ate in the king-sized bed (it had exceptional sheets).

We woke up early-ish, and worked out in our room, after which we sought out the indoor pool and spa. I love hot tubs; that should be stated. We went back to our room, packed up our stuff and went down to the breakfast buffet! It's so overpriced, but it was part of our package so boy, did we indulge!

All in all, a phenomenal way to celebrate year one. It has been such a fantastic year. I'm not going to lie, it's had it's moments, but dang, I love being my husband's wife. Since I can't control the formatting of the pics, here's a string of them, in no particular order. Enjoy the collage montage.

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