Saturday, April 21, 2012

Living room bedroom

We're almost moved out entirely. We're delaying the final move a couple days because we won't have electricity in the new place until Monday. So, we've sort of been camping in our place. Most of our food is gone, except for what's in the fridge, and most dishes are gone, along with all knives and pans. We've been eating granola bars and cereal, and I've been eating a ton of caprese (it's sort of fancy camping I guess).

We decided it would be good to get out of the house for the weekend so we don't go crazy there, so we're spending a night with Kimball's family and a night with mine. Last night we thought we'd make things easier for ourselves come Monday by disassembling our bed ahead of time. We pulled it all apart - luckily I had kept Ikea's little instruction booklet so it took all of five minutes - and we pulled our mattress into the living room.

Our last night in the place was a party. We regretted not having slept out there for the whole last year. I had the best sleep I've had in so long (might be attributed to the manual labor I'd been doing all week). We tried to ingest any treats we had lying around, you know, to make the move easier, and we watched a few episodes of Frasier. We love that show. It's seriously so hilarious! I remember thinking it was so boring as a teenager... turns out I just didn't get the jokes. Anyway, I after realizing how easy it is to pull our mattress into our living room, we have determined that this might become a weekly event.

*I'd also like to note that I got our mattress into it's upright position, ready to transport to the living room, all by myself. I wanted to make sure I was strong enough to help Kimball move all our stuff on Monday. (I don't want to put out the home teachers). Yay for muscles! Even if they're teeny.

I should also add, my left bicep was feeling all sore from moving (an awesome feeling), and then yesterday I realized it's just bruised from carrying this one dumb Tupperware bin with no handles. It digs into my arm as I carry it. Maybe I'm not getting stronger, just beat up.


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