Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Black Belt, Twelve Weeks, and Peace

I did it!!!

I reached my Nike Training Club goal of hitting 3000 minutes of working out by May 1! Now it's telling me I'm a black belt. Awesome. I suppose now I can fight Kimball, who actually has a black belt... and who spent five years getting it, and ten five years getting even better... Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself (and pretty buff... ha, almost). I'm changing things up though, starting today. I'm setting new goals for myself for the next twelve weeks.

Why twelve weeks?

When I decided to reach that 3000 goal, I sort of arbitrarily chose 12 weeks. It was a realistic amount of time to accomplish what I wanted, and it was long enough that I would have to really push myself, but I had done month-long or three-week challenges in the past. Or I would even just do my goal setting once a year.

Twelve weeks is my new year.

By that I mean that instead of waiting for the New Year to realign myself, I'm going to do it every twelve weeks. I spent a good amount of Monday (yesterday, the last day of the last twelve-week cycle) putting together a HUGE twelve-week calendar full of very specific goals and to-do lists for every single day. My calendar goes from May 1st to July 24th. I can't wait to accomplish all my new goals! This calendar has everything I want to work on, ranging from scripture study and budget goals to running goals and crafting timelines and even a detailed cleaning schedule.

And the cherry on top: I'm doing the photo a day challenge (again!) but for May, obviously.

Today's word is Peace. I am at peace with myself right now, because I accomplished what I wanted to, and I feel great about life. That's why my picture is my NTC screen shot.

We still don't have the Internet at our new place (and we're contemplating going without it!!!) so my phone blogging is what you may have to live with for a while. I have no control over layout or photo size, so enjoy the awesomeness of all that.

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