Friday, March 02, 2012


Thanks to my sister I've been experimenting with green smoothies. Ever since Valentine's Day I've had one, if not two or three, green smoothies. Today's breakfast smoothie was more fruity than usual because of the nature of this photograph, but there's a lot of spinach and kale beneath the fruit. It was actually one of the most tasteless smoothies I've made. More veggies next time. My favorite ones are those that contain just a banana and greens (and almonds, soy milk & flax). Strawberries are surprisingly not great in smoothies. They aren't as sweet as I would hope, and unless you have like ten in there, they're pretty tasteless. Anyway, Kimball and I love our smoothies, and we'll likely continue drinking them regularly. Our blender, the Ninja, which is aptly named, is taking a beating though, and I don't know how long it will last us. Let's just hope Santa brings us a vitamix!

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  1. I am glad you are doing the photo a day. Now I can check in on your blog and not worry about mine! ha! I looove green smoothies. When I got back from the mission and went to be cured my that dr. of natural medicine this was the first thing she put me on ( and a whole foods diet entirely). I drank them up until I moved here and did not have a blender. We still don't have a blender but lately I have REALLY been wanting one so I can start doing smoothies again and mostly so Eleanor can get some veggies in her life ( the one food group she struggles with!)