Friday, March 02, 2012

My new favorite thing

My birthday was great, as I've already stated many times. Kimball is the best, as I've also stated many times. So this post is basically repetitive. On my birthday morning Kimball wanted to make a delicious smoothie that I had told him about, so he woke up early to go to the store for chocolate soy milk. I love it so so much - even more than normal chocolate milk, which is a big deal for me. I should mention, I recently got Kimball into drinking soy milk, and he loves it. I knew he would. We were meant for each other. And what almost-vegetatian doesn't like it? Anyway, he made me this smoothie with a banana, chocolate soy, and ice. It is divine. Oh, and he made me belgian waffles on top of it. No big deal.

He (sadly) had to run off to work, so he gave me my gift, which was a keyboard! He wasn't 100% sure if I'd really want to own one or not, so he borrowed an old one from his brother for my to play with, which was perfect! I hadn't played the piano in so long, and I love it so much, so I just spent most of my birthday playing old songs I'd nearly forgotten. I started singing lessons again recently (I took lesson for 8 years, and then stopped for about 5 years for my mission and school) so I was able to play through all my songs, and work on parts that were tricky. It's so perfect!

My new keyboard. I love it!

He had already picked one out, which was way nicer than what I would have probably picked, (it had great ratings on amazon) and about a week later it was at our door. It's fantastic. The keys are nicely weighted, and it doesn't feel like a cheap little keyboard. It sounds incredible. It has this great adjustable stand, big headphones, which are essential in an apartment complex (I wish our neighbor realized this!), and even a sustain pedal, so I don't feel like I'm playing a harpsichord. With so much free time on my hands these days I couldn't have asked for a better gift. I was super impressed with Kimball for thinking of it. It hadn't even crossed my mind to get one. Thoughtful man. Now I just need new music to learn....

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  1. Awesome gift! And we have lots of music in the library you can check out! (Or at least, he can check it out for you!--and he is a grad student, right? So he gets a 3 month loan period!)