Thursday, March 01, 2012


I was going to do the Photo-a-day challenge for February, but I just didn't.

I did enjoy other peoples' daily photos, though, and I've decided to do it this month. Even though these pictures will be pretty random, I think it'll be a good way to think outside the box and write about things I don't normally think to record. (I honestly think some of the photo prompts are pretty dumb, but whatever).

This is also my first attempt at blogging from my phone. If it proves simple and successful, I'll be blogging way more. I drive my husband to work and school most days, so I spend a lot of cumulative time just waiting in the driver's seat. This could be a good on-the-go time filler. Oh, and I've quit Pinterest. That will definitely free up some time. I may still use it every now and then, but I've come to dislike certain things about it. I still consult my own boards, especially for recipes, but no more time of mine will be spent aimlessly browsing. It definitely has it's good side, but, well, I'm just over it. I may share more on that later. I may not.

With that said, I give you... Up. The first photo of the day for March 2012.

It's the ceiling fan above my bed. 

I used to really dislike memory foam mattresses. When Kimball and I were shopping for mattresses before we got married it occurred to me that unless I got used to memory foam, I might not get to cuddle with my love as I fell asleep. See, he can't handle certain beds. He'd rather sleep on the floor than on a bad mattress. He routinely slept on the floor (on a thin memory foam pad) at his parents house before we got married. I'm not too picky, so we went out and found this beauty of a mattress. Oh my, I'm in love with it. It took about a week to get used to it, but now it's all I want to sleep on. If it's cold in the room, the mattress is super firm, but it gets all squishy and cozy when you've been in it for a while. So comfy! Best investment we've made (so far, in 8 months). We both sleep on our tummies, too, which I've heard is bad for your back, but it's better when the mattress conforms to you. It's been great. 

I bring up the bed to help in explaining why I spend so much time in it. We keep our house a cool 62 degrees in the winter, and I can hardly stand being cold. It doesn't help that I love smoothies, and I drink at least one, if not two or three icey concoctions daily.  I wear a robe over my clothes and big cushy slippers when I cook, I often just wear my puffy coat all day (I love it), but when I'm doing most other things (sorting mail, reading, working on things, anything computer-related) I get in my perfect bed with my down comforter and try to keep toasty. Or I work up a sweat with my favorite Nike Training app, and take a hot shower. 

So as I sit here in bed the bed that I love trying to think of what to type next, or as I think about a great line in a book,  I often look up, and there's my fan. My biggest fan... haha.  

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