Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hong Kong – day 7

My last full day in Hong Kong was just as amazing as the rest. We had lunch with Mason’s parents in celebration of Mason’s dad’s birthday. We went to a quaint little Middle Eastern restaurant, which got me all excited for Egypt. It was so tasty...

Mason and I just hung out around town and we got me a new wallet (since mine had been lost and/or stolen earlier in the week). We had a laid-back afternoon cause I had packing to do, and then we went with Mason’s parents to a dessert bar… It was incredible! I had a goal to try everything, but after my first round of treats I had to change my mind. It as funny, cause I was eating all of these amazing things and drinking bitter LemSip medicine on the side. It was pretty gross. My favorite thing here was the Mango ice cream, and also the white chocolate truffles... mmm, so tasty.

After a week of amazing eating I’m afraid Mason and I both felt that we’d gained a little weight… most of our pictures from this last day kind of show it too, it’s kind of pathetic.

It was a good last day, but it was also hard, cause the reality that I was leaving so soon was beginning to sink in. It was frustrating to see time disappearing so fast, but at the same time it was hard to complain because the week had been so amazing.

(pictures will come!)

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