Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hong Kong – Day 6

We headed back up to China on this day, but not before stopping off to see the beautiful Hong Kong Temple!

We didn’t go in, merely passed by, but it was so cool. The temple was actually closed, so we just went and saw the mission office and sat outside in the rain for a bit. The rain was awesome. It was warm and more like a mist that like rain. We spent about twenty minutes in the metro station looking for hot water at every shop (for my blessed LemSip) but had no luck. Although, we did pass a vending machine which was selling umbrellas! Of course, we bought one. It was right next to another vending machine selling ink cartridges… pretty random. Upon arrival in China, we ate at McDonald’s yet again, and then headed to an art village. For some reason it took us about an hour to find a taxi, and then about another hour to get to the art village.

I should’ve taken more pictures here, but alas. (Once again... these will be posted later). There were countless little art shops, some really amazing and some, well, not so much. We got to witness a little mass-production, as these guys would go by about thirty canvases, painting the same detail on each and then moving on to another detail. Pretty funny. There were also tons of kids playing badminton in the streets, which struck me as funny, mainly because my childhood friend, Tammy, whose parents are from China, was obsessed with badminton. I think she was even the national champion for her age group for a while in Canada.

As we were leaving (for another super long taxi ride) we stumbled upon an old man with a one-armed monkey on a leash. That’s all. Oh no wait, there’s more.

After China, we met Mason’s friends for a very late Japanese dinner, which was amazing. So much good food on this trip… just incredible. Not to mention, Mason's friends were super cool. I was super sleepy at dinner, which made me sad, cause I wanted to get to know them better.

We eventually made our way back home on the bus. And I slept.

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