Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hong Kong – Day 5

My Aunt and Uncle, Gale and Chris, just so happened to be in Hong Kong when I was there. They were picking up their recently adopted baby, Eve. Sadly, as I had been feeling under the weather, I didn’t even risk getting close to her, let alone holding her. She’s so precious and looked so cuddly! I wish I could’ve played with her, but alas.

It was so fun to meet up with them and spend most of the day with them and little Eve! We all had lunch (yummy Thai food) and then had some amazing gelato… oh my, I love that stuff! We strolled a little bit through the market, watching shrimp try to jump out of their little selling-bins, and seeing all sorts of fresh fish ready to be sold… my personal favorite was the fish that had been chopped in half, whose tail was nowhere to be seen, and yet somehow, he was still breathing. Very weird. A little disturbing. We all took a ferry – the famous Star Ferry – across the water and beheld the magnificent view of Hong Kong’s finest buildings.

Little Eve was ready for a nap, as were Gale and Chris, and they were kind enough to let us use their hotel pool… Mason and I swam a little, hot tubbed a little more (it wasn’t the warmest day ever…) and then reclined all, covered up in towels (trying to stay warm and dry off) by the side of the pool. It was so much fun! Especially because we were given these awesome white plastic slippers, which I wore proudly. I think it may have embarrassed Mason… (Thanks Gale and Chris for the use of the Marriot’s really nice pool!)

We met up with Gale, Chris and Eve and Mason’s parents at the Peak and ate dinner at Café Deco, which was awesome. Delicious food, incredible view, good company. Mason and I shared our meals – a pizza, and this lamb dish… both were amazing, as was dessert. We all took the cable car down the hillside and went home. So much fun!

(Pictures to follow within the week... I promise)

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