Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hong Kong – Day 4

This day was also amazing. Mason and I went to see his mom’s quilting class (which was at this incredible mansion… it happens to be the largest home in Hong Kong… very big, and very fancy) and then headed over to Mason’s old high school. It was so fun to see, but I started feeling so sick. Luckily Mason took good care of me – bought me a Panini and made me some LemSip... this hot medicine drink akin to Neo Citron, for those of Canadian origin...

Seriously, LemSip saved me in Hong Kong. I was so sick with a horrible cold, but about every six hours I would drink a hot glass of this stuff and I would feel so much better. (Thank you Mason for being so on top of finding hot water for me every six hours!)

After the school, we went to Disneyland! That’s right, Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland isn’t as elaborate or as big as the one in California, but it does have Space Mountain. One of Mason’s friends got us in for free (thank you friend!) So it made it extra fun. There’s a train you take up there that’s all Disney-ed out. I love the fairytale-ish feel of Disney land. It’s just so charming. I love it. When we were done with rides and fireworks, we headed out and decided to get dinner at one of the hotels there. I don’t know why I thought this was so magical (probably because it was magical) but the walk up to the hotel was so awesome. It was still warm outside and it had just gotten dark. There was this really long, tree-lined road that was completely empty except for us, and they were playing all the romantic Disney songs they could muster. It all led to a heart-shaped archway and some fancy stairs up to the hotel. Dinner was good, and I enjoyed some more LemSip, naturally. After dinner, we went and saw out the window none other than a maze made entirely out of shrubbery! We raced around it (Mason won) and took some pictures, which I may add when I have a stable internet connection... not one from this sketchy Egyptian hotel...

All in all, another AMAZING day.

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  1. lemsip is my best friend! i mean, you are my best friend, but I love lempsip! it saves me and i love how it tastes. these days to fight off the colds i tend to have year round here when i feel a cold coming on i up the vitamins and take some lempsip before and i have not had a full blown cold since i have tried that. the stuff is delish and so helpful.
    if you are sick when you are here, i will be sure to share some.