Friday, July 17, 2009

just call me cinderella

so, the other night i was home alone, just studying, minding my own business. 

i went into the kitchen to do some dishes, and saw something moving by my foot. i looked down, and suddenly his little brown bird flew up from the ground where he had been mischievously hiding. he flew around in my face for a minute and then settled himself on top of our cupboards like he owned the place.

i was so shocked by it, i just kept saying, "oh, oh my! oh dear!" over and over again. i wondered what to do, and since no one was home, i spoke to myself, and said, "well, there's a bird in the house. what are you going to do about it?" then i realized i had no idea and i asked myself in a voice somewhat louder, "how the heck do you get a bird out of a house?!" 

i was beginning to panic. my first thought was that birds might be like moths... so i turned off all the lights except in the kitchen and on our balcony, and opened the balcony door. maybe if i scared him out of the kitchen he would just fly towards the light? well, i went back in to check on him and realized he would probably only come to me if i had food. there he was in a strange environment, away from his family and friends and being pursued by a giant... surely it was food that was occupying his thoughts, and hunger that pained him. i filled my fist with oatmeal, and called to him. then it hit me. it was so obvious. i'd seen Snow White, Cinderella and Enchanted. 

i began to sing. 

i sang a little song, that went a little something like this:

oh little guy... come over here... eat some oatmeal, and i'll put you outside! come on little guy... get in my hand...

oh, it was lovely. i went to get rubber gloves, realizing that once he got in my hand i might get a disease, and when i came back, he was gone! i snuck around on tip toes being very quiet, listening for any hint of movement, and then i heard him! he was hiding behind the microwave.

i moved it out of the way, threw some oatmeal back there and tried to reach for him. he flew over to the fridge, and i reached out and caught the little nomad. 

(yes, i caught him. i was very proud of myself.)

his little body was just shaking like mad. his heart was beating so fast and i was worried he'd die of fright. i hurried and brought him outside, opened my hand and waited for him to fly into the night air.

he just sat there, kind of on his side, with his twiggy little legs sticking out to one side from under him. all i could think was, 'great, i killed it.' but his eyes were open. i poked him a little, and picked him up and set him on his feet. he just stood there. i figured i'd damaged him somehow. 

the good news was that our toaster's been broken lately, so we have oh... about eight pieces of burnt toast and bagels out there. if this little guy was going to have to live the remainder of his crippled life on our balcony, at least he'd have food. 

i set him on a piece of toast. 

he hopped around for a bit and then opened his little wings, and took flight. it was beautiful. 

i went inside, cleaned up all the oatmeal that was strewn throughout the kitchen, and replaced the microwave.

*thank you to brittany for being on speakerphone as i went through this experience, and for singing for him while i was catching him. i think it helped. 


  1. you should have kept the birdie, he was so adorable

  2. Wow, I was picture a much uglier bird when I was singing to him over speakerphone. haha. I agree with Post. You should have kept that little sweet birdie. I'm kinda in love with him.

  3. What a charming story! Way to help the little guy go free.