Monday, July 13, 2009

a green board

i'm in love with my new green boards!

they're like white boards, but green. they're stickers, and can go on almost any surface, and then they peel off when you're done with them. 

i put one on my nightstand. this is a lifesaver. i can't do anything until i have it planned out and written down. i'm about to save a lot of money on notebooks. 

i also put one on my arabic notebook. i was so proud of myself on this one. it's so useful it almost makes me sick. i write about four pages worth of arabic everyday. i dislike wasting paper, so i've been using the backs of old handouts and assignments from last semester. Now i can save all those for my arabic homework, and practice writing on my little green board! it's great. it's genius actually. 

not only is it resourceful, but writing in such a curly language is much easier on a smooth surface. i'm in heaven. it's making studying even more fun, which i didn't think was possible. i'm in love with arabic. this is also why my blog gets no attention anymore. i'm sorry blog; arabic is a jealous, needy friend... but she's so beautiful.   


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  1. wow those are so cool. i miss you.