Thursday, July 30, 2009

is this healthy?

i was at a wedding a few weeks ago (of all places for this to happen...) and i heard someone say, "hey, is that a raccoon?" i couldn't tell, as my eyesight is gradually getting worse, i don't like to wear my glasses, so i moved closer. to my astonishment, it was in fact a raccoon. on a woman's shoulder. 

turns out she owns the place where the reception was held. she and her husband nurture baby coons until they're old enough to survive on their own and then they release them into the wild. perhaps i'm mistaken in this, but aren't raccoons considered pests? don't people try to get rid of them? 

hm... either way, i held the little guys hand. it was kind of weird. and soft.


as for the wedding itself... what a great night. it was my friend seth's weding. i met him in jerusalem, and so, naturally, there were many of us 'JC Fall 2008' people there. we never really can go unnoticed. someone suggested hoisting seth and his bride in the air on their chairs and singing "hava nagila" in true jewish fashion. since all of our ridiculous ideas seem to be carried out, well, it happened. 

it was quite the spectacle... and oh so wonderful. and, appropriately enough, they went to Jerusalem on their honeymoon. 


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  1. sick (about the 'coon). ya, do they release them into people's backyards? so they can eat all of their trash (and cat food)?
    and can you imagine going there for your honeymoon? how fun.