Friday, July 31, 2009

you can dance if you want to.

the prima ballerina herself

my friend kelsey teaches dance lessons. she invited me and ginny (roommate/awesomest person ever) to come to her last class tonight (she's leaving for russia to be a missionary in three weeks!) i was skeptical at first, and nervous that i would just be humiliated at my lack of dance ability... but i had so much fun. 

ginny and i

i may have laughed more than i danced, but kelsey was very patient, and is really such a good teacher. i wish i would have taken her class all summer! it made me very grateful that i signed up to take a ballet class in september. 

me, ginny, and kelsey in the foreground.


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  1. no way. you are taking a ballet class in the fall? that will be so fun!