Wednesday, July 01, 2009

such a weird experience...

one day brooklyn and i were driving to costco from my mom's house. chrissy was following us in her car. my mom's house is in a pretty hilly neighborhood. as we made our way down the hill from her house we saw something very strange. 

the car next to us, which should have been going up the hill, was going in reverse down the hill. the weird part of it was that they were obviously not watching where they were going, and were drifting into our lane, going pretty fast, backwards. "what are they doing? don't they see us?" i asked brooklyn, a little bothered. brooklyn didn't answer right away, but soon, with a quizzical look on her face said, hesitatingly, "there's no one in that car..." well, let me tell you, it was such a strange feeling. my first thought was to jump out, open the door and slam on the breaks of this vagabond vehicle. i realized that doing so was perhaps a titch risky, so there i sat just watching in a mixture of horror, awe and excitement as the car backed over a mailbox, flattening it, plowing through a rose bush, and and finally rolling to a stop (to our relief) in someone's front yard. the gardener who was there, minding her own business had the funniest look on her face, and came walking out of the garden slowly, a little dazed. brooklyn and chrissy pulled over and the gardener and i laughed in confusion as brooklyn and chrissy tried to find the owner of the car.

they found her. she was humiliated. she should have used her parking break. 



  1. that is hilarious! and so weird. perhaps it should be a lesson to me, i can't stand using the e-brake.

  2. Did you get her name? She is my neighbor.

  3. ha ha ha. so funny. so weird. (i'm not just reading this for the first time, but guess i didn't comment when i first read it).