Friday, June 05, 2009

a smash-hit success

i love my roommates. so much. 

one of my former roommates turned 21 yesterday, so, naturally, we threw her a surprise party. 


pre-party preparations

we blew up 3 pounds of balloons and hid them in my room... and we all nearly passed out. many, many times. 

we had to hide the fun-fetti cake (that ginny made so beautifully) in the oven so kelsey wouldn't find us out.

i took the unsuspecting birthday girl out for dinner and tricked her real good. i said we were coming back to our place for a girly night of nail polish, facials, and updates on the boys in our lives, followed by a slumber party in our backyard (our balcony). i love this girl so much! she's just submitted her papers to be called on a mission! i'm so excited for her. 


the actual party

she was so surprised and so happy that the poor thing stared crying. tears of unsolicited joy. 

our roommate, Ginny (we call her Ginyard) is Kelsey's best friend. she put so much into planning this party, but ended up having to work late. when she started coming down the hall, Kelsey ran to meet her, and, well... was very excited to see her...

once the birthday girl blew the candles out, we commenced in a dance party. 

for anyone out there who's ever played the game called 'signs' you should try playing it with dance moves instead. you just play music, and dance in a circle, while the guy in the middle has to try to find the one dance move being passed... very fun, and quite hilarious. 

it was in the midst of this game that someone got carried away, fell over, and landed in the middle of our coffee table, breaking it exactly in half. 

i don't know if i've ever laughed harder. 


post party 

by the end of the party there was glittering confetti pouring out of our apartment, and traces of it were to be found the next day in a little trail down the 4 flights of stairs to the parking lot. 

my newest roommate, megan, picked up, swept up, and vacuumed up every bit of the confetti over the next couple days. what a saint. 

yes, that's right, it was in fact, a smash-hit success. 

happy birthday kelsey.


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  1. i didn't know you measured balloons in pounds. looks like fun.