Thursday, June 04, 2009

muchas gracias.

my roommate and i went to a thrift store today to look for a new coffee table since ours broke... story to come... 

while we were walking through the parking lot, these two women came up to us pushing a shopping cart and speaking in broken english kind of frantically. i asked them in spanish if they needed help (i couldn't understand their english) and they proceeded to explain in spanish that they had fresh, (well... i don't know about that...) hot, tamales that they were trying to sell. i found it so funny. 

i looked into the cart, and there was just a big pot, covered in tin foil. they moved the foil back to show me the goods... only $1.25. 

how could i resist.

they threw the tamale of my choice into a plastic bag (with a napkin and fork) and collected their pay. 

they were so happy that i spoke spanish and got me to translate while they tried their sales tactics out on some other people. i taught them how to say "one twenty-five" and bid them un buen día

i couldn't bring myself to eat the thing. but i'm glad i could help.

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  1. who's lazy now? that is what you should have said to start your post.
    i am glad you posted.