Saturday, June 06, 2009

new blog, re: jerusalem

i just started a new blog. it's mainly for me, but you're all more than welcome to peruse. 

since i had no time to keep up a blog whilst in the holy land, i've decided to go back in time, if you will, and recount my favorite experiences and to make those experiences available to family and friends. i had an amazing experience there, and i took thousands of pictures (literally... i think about 4,000). so i really look forward to finally putting these out there along with real stories and maybe even some videos. it may take months, many months, to get through my entire life-changing experience, and this is why i'm starting now. i want to get it done before i go back... in april 2010!*

so, go check out the new blog, and get your hopes up for when you go to the middle east, cause let's be honest, you'll go before you die. you have to. 


*there's a mandatory study abroad for my major (darn...) so i'll be spending four months in Jordan (with trips back to Jerusalem and Egypt... and if i can swing it, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey on the way home... haha, we'll see... oh, if only). i'll be enrolled in 14 credits worth of arabic classes and will hopefully come back fluent! 


allahu akbar!

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