Monday, June 01, 2009

i feel lazy

after about three weeks of missing class (just a class i'm auditing... but still, i'm trying to stay caught up) for various trips and things, i returned home finding it difficult to study, or really be productive at all. i gave myself the first day home to reacquaint myself with friends, unpack and sleep in (which meant not running in the morning). i would get back to work on day two. 

but alas. day two never came. 

well, it did - but it came with the flu. i'm on day five of being sick now, and my lack of productivity, i'm afraid has been forced upon me. now, when all i want to do is go running, read, or go to the library to study and get caught up in my school work, i'm stuck in this apartment. too sick to do anything at all.  

the illness seems to have shifted from the flu (fever, aches etc.) to a really bad cough and cold. that's the frustrating thing. now i feel fine, really, and could probably handle a day in the library, but who wants to study next to that girl who keeps coughing and blowing her nose every few minutes? i really don't.

the good thing is that in order to resume coughing, my body refuses to let me sleep longer than absolutely necessary. and so, here i sit, in my backyard (our 8'x8' balcony two stories off the ground) over-looking campus at 6 am on a monday morning sipping chamomile tea, and enjoying the sun make its way over the mountains and feeling hopeful for at least some studying at home. 

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  1. are you still sick? I feel terrible. sounds like you have what I had before we went to canada and it just went on and on and on...
    keep taking care of yourself.
    are you taking your vitamins and chicken soup?