Thursday, June 11, 2009

going home... kind of.

here i am. 

in the place where i lived for a year and a half, i taught the gospel, overcame my apprehension of homeless people, learned to drive aggressively, wore nylons every day, learned spanish, learned a little farsi, and fell absolutely in love with everything about los angeles. it feels like home.

i have pictures i want to post, but i foolishly forgot the cord i need to upload my pics. they shall come later. 

the drive was oh so pleasant. i came by myself. i left at 9am and arrived at my destination at about 8pm, which is only 7:00 LA time! i thought the drive was so fun, and i was kind of sad when it ended. i've never liked road trips at all, and i think part of the reason i loved it so much was because of the 10 hour play-list i made myself. 

i spent the day with the following, and yes, i recommend them all:

and some swanky tango music by the likes of like maria grana, sandra luna, la chicana, la commora, enzo favata, el arranque, daniel malingo,  adriana varela, antonio agri & walter ross.


i absolutely loved driving by downtown, and being stopped on the freeway. it seems weird, but i haven't been in traffic that bad since i left over a year ago. i LOVE trying to maneuver through it and i sometimes would change lanes just for the thrill of it. i also loved that at one particularly bad spot, the man in front of me got out of his orange mustang convertible, casually got something out of his trunk, and returned to the driver's seat in time to keep up with the crawling traffic.

i got to santa monica feeling sick, so i cancelled my dinner plans and stayed at 'home' with brooke and kelly, who so kindly offered me a spot on their blow-up mattress. we had a fun night talking about boys, listening to brooke's amazing collection of old love songs, and playing this game called 'sequence' which i won three times out of six. i'm so glad i get to stay with them.  

i could not be happier.

(quick note: while we were playing, my former roommate and friend, kelsey (not former-friend... we're still very much friends...) got her mission call! she's going to russia! i'm so excited for her!)



  1. wow sounds like you are in heaven.
    congrats to your roomie on the russia call!!