Friday, May 15, 2009

what a great weekend - part I

the last two weekends have just been great. this first one was great because it was british.

sunday night was especially special (i don't care that that's redundant) because our family threw a birthday party for our dear friend jim. he turned 69 this year. he's dealing with an illness right now that's limiting his abilities to do many things (including even just holding his head up). i love this man sooo much, and it was so nice to spend the day with him and his lovely wife. i feel like they're my second parents. 

jim loves great britain (as do i) and so we had a british theme (we're really into theme parties for birthdays in my family). to my great joy, he came in his kilt, complete with the little dagger in the sock. 

we ate shepherd's pie, scones, and trifle.

we sang a whole bunch of his favorite old british songs (including 'God Save the Queen' of course). as he's getting weaker and weaker, it's hard for him to play the guitar like he used to, so he told me what chords to play and i did it for him. 

we had such a good time. he told us british joke after british joke, and let me say, his wit hasn't dimmed in the slightest. i think the party made him happy, at least i hope so. he left smiling, and i, for one, really couldn't have been happier. 

if i do say so myself, it was basically a smash-hit success.

thanks for being born jim. i love you a lot.

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