Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what a great weekend - part 2

eleanor and i being very serious

there will be three great weekends in this little series... maybe four. 

the second one (this one) was the weekend of may 8 - may 12. it was long and it was lovely. friday night, my friend and i went to salt lake and took a little 'brolly arts' gallery stroll in sugarhouse. we ended up in this antique shop that had such fun things. there were dishes, jewelry, appliances and toys. i found that they sold several of my favorite things, like music boxes, umbrellas,  teacups and precious prints. 


saturday was amazing. i decided i like running in hilly areas rather than flat, and i discovered that i really want to spend the rest of my life with arabs. they are such good people. i have yet to meet a disagreeable arab. 

my friend (who speaks arabic - the same one mentioned above) volunteers with an organization in which he gets to hang out with these two iraqi refugees. i was lucky enough to get to go to their home with him on saturday afternoon. it was so fun to hear them all speaking arabic with each other. i wanted to join in so bad, but well, i couldn't really follow most of the conversation. we went to a park with them and their cute little neighbor girl and her mom (they're from baghdad and have only lived in america since january). the little girl (fatima, 4 yrs.) and i had fun trying to speak broken english and arabic to each other.


sunday evening was a mother's day celebration/my brother-in-law's 24th birthday party.

chase and brittany. the cake didn't fit in her freezer so she had to put it on its side... hence the flatness...

we do theme birthday parties in my family (like this and this) and his theme was 'going green' - so naturally, i had to make a recycled skirt.

bruce even had a fancy little green cellophane bow tie.

it was a fun little party. oh, and my mom liked the pictures, and the little door book.


monday and tuesday i go to take care of brooklyn's babies, which i loved. it's a lot of work... hence the lack of pictures of them.

once they were in bed on monday night i tried my hand at picky bread

so, a few months ago i had a dream in which i was in the middle east again. there was a sketchy little alley-way across the street with a sign above it that said "picky bread" and there was a long line of people. i went over to see what it was all about.

turns out it was a pita shop that sold the most delicious pita bread i'd ever eaten. 

i woke up determined to find real picky bread. 

i did a google search and, to my delight, found picky bread! it was a blog where this girl had posted all this stuff about this delicious pita bread, and the very last sentence of the post said:

"And the whole family enjoyed the bread. Even the picky ones! (Kids, that is. We didn't have picky bread.) (But I'll bet picky bread doesn't like butter, either.)"

this post has too many words, so here are some pictures to show the fun i had.

the finished product. aren't they cute?

i passed the time while they were rising and baking by taking pictures of myself in the reflection of the oven,

documenting my solo dance-party,

and taking pictures of myself in the reflection of my computer.


ok, this is a really long post, but i just have one more day.


on tuesday night, my friend (the same one mentioned above) took me to a keane concert! 

we were on the 7th row (i saw them five years ago and was on the 7th row then too!) and we just sang along and danced like crazy. it was such a fun night! they played TONS of songs, and lots from their first album which i love so so much. their new stuff is pretty 80s-inspired, which i'm okay with. you should have seen his dance moves. oh my.

tom, keane's lead singer, in his gold jacket. what a great guy.

basically, it was the perfect end to such a fun weekend. 

me, about to go see keane, and being very excited


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  1. here i sit at 11:30 at night, about to go to bed and now I am starving for some pita,er, picky bread. it looked delicious.
    oh, and by the way, you look like Robin Wright Penn in that first picture. Back when she was Robin Wright, back when she was Buttercup.