Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tomato Cheese & Herb Tarts

These are so so good.

This is another recipe from Shutterbean, the blog I've become obsessed with this week. The original recipe is actually for one big tart, but since the grocery store I went to was out of puff pastry sheets, I just got little puff pastry shells instead. They worked out perfectly. My only complaint was that they were just simply too small.

The recipe also calls for three cheeses, but I only used two: mozzarella and parmesan. Not only were these little tarts delicious, but I thought they were so pretty too. There's nothing quite like almost-crispy golden brown cheese with tomatoes. These little delights would make a perfect little Christmas appetizer (I would make them even smaller though) or finger food for any old party. Did I mention how easy they are to make?

Here's how:

Poke the thawed puff pastry with a fork and pinch the edges so it doesn't puff like it's supposed to.

Thinly slice a tomato and soak up the extra juice with paper towels.

Mix up some herbs and melted butter.

Spread the herb butter onto the puff pastry.

Top with cheese.

Add a tomato slice and a little more cheese, and bake till the cheese is golden and the pastry's crispy.

Making these made me want to learn how to make my own puff pastry. Then again, maybe it's better if I don't see all the butter that goes into it...

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