Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

This meal was outstanding! Oh my. Shutterbean does it again. I thought, since it snowed last night, that something warm and comforting would be fitting for our dinner today. This was perfect. Not only is it super filling, very easy, and deliciously satisfying, it's surprisingly light and healthy, too. Oh man, and those breadcrumbs on top, soooo good. So crispy and flavorful. 

Here's the ingredient list:
(Recipe from here, but slightly adapted by me)

-multigrain or whole wheat spiral noodles (or, you know, macaroni)
-chopped cauliflower
-bread crumbs 
-dried parsley
-olive oil
-salt & pepper
-diced onion
-grated cheese (I used half cheddar, half mozzarella)
-plain greek yogurt
-skim milk
-Dijon mustard
-garlic powder

See what I mean? Not terribly unhealthy. I'm not going to bother writing out the instructions or anything, but it's really not that hard either. 

If you make this, just be aware that the original recipe will make enough for a large family. I cut it in half, and these are my leftovers. One and a half 8x6 baking dishes:

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