Friday, July 13, 2012


I haven't worn deodorant in three days.

I'm trying a little experiment with coconut oil. My sister gave me a container of coconut oil for my birthday two and a half years ago (before it was trendy) and I've used it as lotion (not exclusively) and on my hair ever since. I really don't like putting deodorant on every day. I don't mind the ritual itself, I just think it can't be healthy. I honestly don't really know the facts, but it just seems unnatural to me. I can't help but feel like I'm increasing my risk of breast cancer... chemicals blocking the exit path of various toxins, right by all those glands... seems risky. Also, I've heard that aluminum, which loves to be included in deodorant, is linked to Alzheimer's, which runs in my family. Not a pleasant thought.

Coconut oil is getting a ton of press lately, and I recently read that it can be used as deodorant. I figured I may as well give it a shot; I use it as lotion anyway. I warned Kimball and made him promise to tell me if he noticed the slightest hint of body odor (the most horrible smell ever, I think). It's been three days, and he still says I smell sweet, like a tropical paradise.

I've since looked up more online about it, and it seems like a lot of people swear by it. Some even make a paste with baking soda, corn starch, and coconut oil and jam it all into an empty deodorant canister. (People are even using it as toothpaste!) I think my way's a lot simpler... I just rub it in like lotion. It's solid in the container, but it melts at like 75 degrees or something, so it melts in my hands. It works, so I've read, because it contains lauric acid, which kills odor-causing bacteria. Look it up. Pretty interesting stuff. Supposedly it kills athletes foot and various other ailments.

Oh, here's another cool thing: we had a brilliant last-minute idea to spend the afternoon at Seven Peaks yesterday, and I used coconut oil to shave my armpits before we ran out the door. It totally worked, and was so much easier than soap & water or even shaving cream! This is so weird, but it gave me a really close shave, and my armpits are so soft and pleasant now, so it's not unusual to catch me smelling my pits or just feeling how soft they are (not in public... yet). That natural coconut smell is incredible!

I've heard that coconut oil is also a great natural sunscreen. I would die of joy if that were true. Seems counter-intuitive, but I sort of think I have to try it.

*If you're going to try using coconut oil, get the unrefined, extra-virgin variety. You don't want the refined stuff, which has been bleached with chemicals. Supposedly Amazon's a good place to get it.

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