Sunday, July 29, 2012


We spent last Friday evening at one of my favorite events in Utah. The Utah Symphony plays the 1812 Overture every summer as part of their outdoor summer concert series. Every year the concert is different, but it always ends with a literal bang, as the cannons go off at the end of the overture. I love that someone actually wrote a song that incorporated real cannons being shot off. Such a delight! It's always such a fun experience. I've been four or five times, and the cannons still scare me. They are way louder than I remember every year and always just as unexpected, and somehow the overture itself seems to get longer and longer every year, which only builds the anticipation. It's so much fun, especially when there are little kids around (my niece and nephew where there with their parents, who first introduced me to the Deer Valley concerts), and when you're surrounded by fun people (sister & cousin with their husbands).

We always bring a picnic to eat while we wait for the show and blankets to sit on in the grass. It always gets a little chilly, so we have to bring jackets for when the sun goes down. It takes over an hour to get there from Provo, and it's a bit of a trek from the parking lot to the top of the hill, especially carrying all the food and supplies, and it's always a bit of a hassle to pack everything up in the dark when it's time to head home, and the traffic through the parking lot is crazy, and doesn't get much better through Park City, but it's completely worth the time and every penny of our student-discounted tickets. I hope we can make it next year, and as many years as possible in the future. I guess the student discount makes Kimball's student-status worth it. Here's to many more years of school and discounts!

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