Sunday, May 06, 2012


Well, me.

I'm almost too happy it's sunny these days. I'm already sporting a sunburn, and it's definitely not summer yet. We had a big family dinner today in honor of my nephew, Domenico's, baby blessing (cutest little boy I ever did see! I love that I live close enough to babysit when I can).

We sat out in my in-laws backyard for hours, jut eating and chatting, and getting sunburns I guess. I love my in-laws. I seriously lucked out there. Kimball comes from the best family.

Also, I've had Jerusalem on my mind all day. I decided to read the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) on Sundays for the next twelve weeks - one of my goals - and I started today. I love thinking back on the places I visited in the Holy Land, and I love feeling like I can imagine what it may have actually been like (thanks to those amazing new Bible videos on, too!) Someone in the ward we were at today was in Israel just last week, and they were all emotional talking about it as they bore their testimony. I loved it. I had even worn my Jerusalem cross necklace to church. I'm so glad I got to go there.

I now have a white spot in the middle of the sunburn on my chest from said necklace.

Someone else talked about going to Rochester and the Sacred Grove, and I was lost in memory of the four summers I spent in New York being in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I loved that time of my life so much. Such amazing memories and experiences.

The next person talked about anticipating going on a mission when she's old enough... Obviously I got lost in thought on that one, too.

This photo for today is "you" which I've taken to mean "me" and basically, I have been so blessed to have been able to experience so many amazing things before I got to be married. The best part is, well, marriage! It has turned out to be even better than all of the other experiences... combined! I love my husband.

Lucky me.

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