Monday, May 07, 2012

Someone that inspires you

My husband inspires me. One of my favorite things about him is that he's not content if he's not learning something new. He's constantly reading and studying things on top of what he needs to do for school. I often catch him in what seems to be a daze, but it turns out that he's just solving something in his head. He's really well-rounded in his interests, too, which I didn't realize when we were dating.

I told him about my twelve-week improvement cycles, and he wanted in on it. He came up with his own goals, but he also wanted us to work on something together. We tried to think of something we both felt intimidated with, and something that we felt would be useful and good to know. We ended up choosing to spend some time learning music theory, since it sort of marries both of our fortes (mine being the arts, and his being mathy, technical things). It's also something we're both slightly ashamed of not knowing. I took 8 years of piano lessons, and about 10 years of voice lessons, and I still don't get it (to be fair, it wasn't ever taught to me). Kimball took about 8 years of piano lessons as well and was raised by a mother who is not only an incredible pianist, but she teaches music theory! It was the focus of her graduate studies! We're finally going to learn it though, and we plan on using her as a tutor as we need it.

Kimball also decided that he wanted us to read more together, which I agreed with. We've read A Christmas Carol and The Hobbit together, but he wanted to read something a little more thought- and discussion-provoking. So now we find ourselves halfway through Book II of Plato's Republic. It's not something I probably would have read, but it's a lot more enjoyable than I thought, especially since we discuss what we've read and learned each week in our little philosophical discussions.

I love my husband, and I really love that he pushes me to think harder and more clearly, to work harder, be kinder, pray more sincerely, be healthier, have more fun, and push myself more. I've grown a lot since I met him. He most definitely inspires me. He's also incredibly handsome. Just a little added bonus.

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