Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Something you wore

These are the clothes I wore to the temple tonight (I volunteer there and love it). The coat is my old mission coat, and the skirt is one my sister gave me years ago. She got it at a thrift store, and the label says it's a size that today would be double my usual size, so it's very old. The shirt is also passed down from said sister. I don't own/wear much that's new. I was running out the door on my way to the temple, and I knew I'd forget to take a picture when I got home, so I had to take this one quick... hence the awesome phone shot, and the coat on, and the towels, and me checking the image in the phone. It was just one of those days. Also note, the I-didn't-have-time-to-do-anything-else-with-my-hair topknot. 

Pure awesomeness today.

And my lovely, one-of-a-kind diamond ring is something I wear every day, but I still love it, and after nearly nine months of marriage I think it deserves a little cameo. Thanks, baby.

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