Sunday, March 11, 2012

Someone you talked to today

I talked to many people today, but none I was comfortable taking and posting pictures of.

Also, since it is Sunday, and I'm at church, I don't have my phone on my for much of the day. The picture's from yesterday, or maybe the day before. It's my husband. I talked to him today, as I do every day. He's my very favorite person to talk to. He's very funny, insightful, and interesting. He also can't get enough of his helicopter.

We went to his parents' home for dinner tonight, and he brought his chopper so he could fly it with his dad. They had so much fun flying them around until the batteries were completely dead. If was such a funny night.

Anyway, there's my man, and there's my picture of the day.

(Sunday isn't the best day for blogging for me. My whole schedule's different and I'm just thinking about other things.)

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