Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kitchen sink

Really? Kitchen sink?

Well, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone out there to be conservative with your water usage, but very liberal with your water drinkage. Choose water over soda, milk, juice, and especially alcohol! Don't drink anything but water!! I know it seems extreme, but seriously, I would love to do a study and see how switching to only water as a beverage would improve overall health. We drink way too much sugar and artificial sweeteners. We don't just need to drink water, though. We need to drink TONS of water!

If you start recording how much water you drink each day, you start to notice how little you're actually drinking. I know, because I was there like two weeks ago. I know I don't drink enough water (and I've even always been a water-drinker) so I've set some goals for myself.

I've been trying to drink 80 oz (10 cups/about 2.5L) of water each day, and it's rare that I get all the way there. It's hard, but I'm pretty sure it's good for me. Here are some of my tips for getting enough water each day:

- I drink a tall glass of water first thing in the morning. The earlier in the day I start, the easier my day turns out to be.

- I drink a big glass of water before I start my workout.

- I work out. I always drink a lot of water when I exercise (you just need more water when you sweat it all out) so I try to drink a ton during and after my work out.

- I drink a tall glass of water before lunch and dinner. This makes it harder to over-eat. When I over-eat I rarely want to drink any more water.

- I try not to leave home without a full water bottle--even a small one. I make sure it's empty before I get home.

- If I still haven't reached my goal before bedtime, I drink one more glass of water before I go to sleep. Even of it didn't get me to my goal it will certainly help wake me up in the morning!

It's hard to start a new water-drinking routine (especially on days when you're out and about for hours at a time and need a bathroom!) Drinking water on an empty tummy sometimes even makes me feel a little queasy, but you push through it, get used to it, and crave it!

It's kind of fun to see what rants of mine the photo of the day will bring to the surface.


  1. I've been trying to drink an extreme amount of water lately for my baby's fluid and it IS hard! {especially when you wake up up to 5 times in the night to pee, haha}
    It's gross how many people don't like water. I hate hearing that. Maybe we were lucky we couldn't afford to drink anything else growing up... haha. jk.

    I like your blogs layout, it's fun that you can choose how you want to read it. Also I like how you are blogging more than a picture. March's photo a day prompts are kinda lame- but you always make them interesting.

  2. haha! this is the best advert for water! Really though, what is up with people not liking water??? I must I do not drink as much water living here than I did in Utah which always makes me feel like I have failed, but the climate is so different, I am sure that is why. Although I have been trying to still drink more. Besides loving water, I always think, why would I want to waste calories on drinking anything else!This comment is becoming long, but here is a quick story. Once when my nephew was over at our house he was thirsty and I went into our kitchen to get him a drink. I just started getting him some water (the only option in our house anyway besides milk) and he looked up at me and in disgust said, "that's not the purple stuff!" (the purple stuff is ribena, a blackcurrent drink). Isn't it sad that kids get hooked on juice so young? Eleanor LOVES water, and is none the wiser for the sugary drinks she is missing out one. Now my rant is over. haha!