Saturday, March 31, 2012

April's Miscellany

I'm going to keep blogging pretty regularly (hopefully daily) but it won't be a photo a day. I think I'm going to have sort of a theme for each day of the week. I have so many random things I want to blog about so I have them written for future reference, and it's really just overwhelming to think of all I want to write. I want to write about memories I have that I don't want to lose, my life as it is in the present, my beliefs and the new things I learn, trips I've been fortunate enough to take, projects and recipes I'm working on, goals and even details from my wedding day. And so, I give you April. And this isn't an April Fool's trick, although I'm thinking I should've done something clever. By the way, I'm pregnant! Okay, that actually is an April Fool's trick.

Sunday's aren't a great blogging day for me usually, because it's my day to spend a lot of time reflecting on what I believe and hold dear. So, if I post anything on Sundays it will be of a spiritual nature. I expect I'll have a few things to say about General Conference tomorrow. What a great way to start off the month.

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