Monday, August 01, 2011


The carefree days of summer are drawing to a close. Kimball and I have had such a fun couple months of being newlyweds, though, and it's sad to know it's going to get much more busy soon. I've become lazy with the camera, and even the camera on my phone, so I don't have many photos to show for the fun times, but the memories really are there. 

We went camping a few weeks ago with some friends, and had so much fun! I did actually take some pictures of that experience, so please enjoy. 

Our tent was so tiny, and so perfect. 

Okay, I know it doesn't look great, and that burned spot of cabbage
looks like a nasty bug, but these are the best tin foil dinners EVER.
Cabbage, kielbasa, carrots, turkey meatballs,steak fries and so, so much
more... Seriously, SO delicious. We were in charge of bringing dinner,
and I knew couldn't fail with these little guys. 

I love getting so dirty camping. My toes were nasty and black.

Okay, our tent looks big there in the foreground... see the picture below
to see the tent to scale.

Yes, it is oh so tiny.

campy me

It took us a while to fall asleep, because we kept laughing
at how funny we looked with our sleeping bags cinched
up around our faces. 

So silly.

We have done many other fun things, and have spent time with some wonderful people, but have no pictures to show for it. We had some lovely guests from Scotland, with whom we hiked and went to the farmers market, we went to Syracuse for the weekend and enjoyed some amazing food and had so much fun with Kimball's brother and his family, we played with my family at the Roy water park, and had such a fun weekend in SLC with said family and cousins. We spent a fun evening in the canyon with friends and made chocolate peach cobbler. We went to our very own water park, which is right next door to our apartment building, attended a bunch of wedding receptions and showers, had some dear Jerusalem friends for dinner, house-warmed another Jerusalem friend's home, Kimball got a new job doing Internet security for Provo-based Qualtrics (good work, baby!) and Kimball and the guys at his other job (BYU's Computer Science Security lab) won a nation-wide hacking contest (good job, again, baby!) Such an awesome husband have I. He works so hard, and it kills me that he's working two jobs, when I can't even work one (being Canadian and without a green card... this will change in the next few months). Anyway, we have had so much fun, and we are just loving life. It feels like a vacation everyday... after Kimball gets home from work. This post is much too long to be enjoyable, but it's working as a journal for me, so I refuse to apologize. So, continuing on... Some other fun things I happen to have snapped pictures of include the following:

We made massaman (a thai peanut curry).
Yes, be proud.
It's complex, and so perfectly yummy.

I made fresh raspberry limeade, which was
just delightful. And I'm loving my little
pitchers from Brooklyn!

My new kung fu kicks
Explanation: My dear husband, a black belt kung fu master, convinced me to get a pair of these shoes. It's probably wise, since he'll be teaching me his martial arts ways. (We just finished watching "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" In every fight scene I kept asking if he could do certain moves. I'm sure he loved it). Anyway, the shoes are called Feiyues (fay-yous) and I'm not exaggerating when I say that these are the only shoes he has worn for about the last ten years, besides church shoes on Sundays, and flip flops he got for our honeymoon. He goes through about 2 pairs in a year, and always has new ones on hand. He has three brand new pairs in our closet right now, one pair he wears, and one he goes running/hiking in. They're apparently super popular in China (that's where they're from - you can see thousands of them in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies), and among ninjas.

hc, jr.

The man in the blue shirt there is none other that Harry Connick, Jr. He was in Provo (who knows why?) and we ate at the same place (Sammy's) that night. I chatted with him a bit. Nice man. As for Sammy's (we had a groupon!)... won't go there again. Good food and pie shakes, but so unhealthy. It took many workouts and much water to feel good about ourselves again.

My new favorite toy! Thank you mama!

We got caught in a torrential downpour, and we are
soooo in love. 

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