Friday, May 28, 2010


So, I love doing laundry here. It seems like I shouldn't when I actually think about what it requires, but some how I still rather enjoy it.

Our washing machine takes about 4 hours to run a full cycle. Not a lot can fit in that little machine, so I usually have to do two loads a week (I only brought enough clothes for a week... and they're always so dirty at the end of the day from all the dust etc. in the streets that I can't bring myself to wear them more than once.) Once the clothes are done, I have to hang them all out the kitchen window to dry. They don't all fit on the line, so I made a second line in my room. They dry pretty fast cause it's usually very warm and breezy - like a big blow dryer. When everything's dry, I go and collect it, careful not to drop anything. Everything feels a little starched, which is weird, but I love the crisp, clean, white sheets so much! I've learned to hang stuff up inside out all the time, as it often comes off the line with either dust from the line itself, or other random stuff... drips from the laundry hanging from the apartment above us, or bird poop.

-looking out from our kitchen-

I think the reason I love it despite the hassle, is that it reminds me of being little and playing house. All the Disney movies I watched as a little girl showed laundry on a clothesline, and somehow that image has stuck with me as being sort of fairy-tale-ish, and old fashioned. It might also have to do with the lovely view out from our "balcony" (it's only about a foot wide).

Maybe it's good that I'm only here for three months, cause I know the novelty of this all will wear off and I'll want the perks of a dryer back (i.e., elimination of wrinkles...).

Oh, and I'm very grateful I don't have kids to do laundry for... I can't imagine. You mothers living over here are saints.



  1. oh, this was one of my favorite things about romania!! it sounds so similar, except imagine the winters! :) we usually hung our clothes around the house until sunshine hit again. on open doors, shower rods, and even antlers, if we were lucky enough to have them. it will definitely make you re-appreciate modern conveniences when you come home!!

  2. oh, i bet you totally look like cinderella when you do your laundry. hope you wear a little apron like she does.

  3. growing up in Germany we always hung the laundry up to dry, too. but I can say, I love having my own laundry now that we're in a house! Especially with a newborn and a potty training child!

  4. you can do the same thing here. our washing machine does not take quite 4 hours but somewhere around 2+ and like so many others here in britain there is no dryer. I cannot believe how used to it I am now.

    i love your clotheslines, they are really lovely.

  5. I actually don't mind doing laundry here, either, though there are days that I would do almost anything for a dryer! :)

  6. Your life is romantic and movie like.
    Love the photos.