Friday, October 09, 2009

self-portrait contest

you may have heard about his already here, but i guess i should advertise as well...?

there was a self-portrait photo contest a couple weeks ago, and i didn't plan on entering it, but on the night of the deadline i got an email from brooklyn with her entries, and her suggestion that i try it.

we sent a couple emails back and forth laughing kind of at the awkwardness felt of actually entering a photo contest with a picture taken of yourself, by yourself... it's a little strange... but i decided i might as well, right?

so i got home from campus around 1o (the photos were dues by midnight) and our power was out. i laughed as i lit a candle so my picture could have natural light instead of using a ghastly flash. i took several, and for some reason i look very forlorn in all of them. likely a result of my cold, dark house.

we were allowed to edit our pictures a little, so i made it almost black and white (it's was very red previously... remember, candle light). so i entered it into the contest, and she (the sussy) went and posted them all over her blog (much to our surprise and makes you feel very vulnerable).

anyway, i guess the winner needs to get the most votes... so you should go vote for me. or brooklyn. or whoever's picture you like the best. some are awesome, some are funny, some are awkward. mine's probably awkward.

or don't, but take a look at least. votes need to be in by midnight tonight!


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  1. i voted for you. when do you find out the winners?