Sunday, October 11, 2009

fall and some things

i love fall weather.

is it just me or are fall clothes the most fun to wear?

i love so much that i can now delve into my collection of scarves, leggings, gloves, jackets, long socks, leg-warmers, arm-warmers, hats, sweaters and most lovely of all... tights. i have many of all of them.

oh it's wonderful. i untangled all my tights yesterday and i was so pleased with the assortment. summer's heat had caused me to forget i even owned some of these. i wore the ones on the far left to church today.

i think i'll start wearing skirts more this fall.

my feet and legs feel like they're in some sort of dreamland (hence the blurry, dreamy edges on the photograph that i added fro a dreamy effect).

(please note my amazing cable-knit sweater-like leggings)

i think part of why i'm so excited is the fact that my last real fall was 3 years ago. 2006.

i was in los angeles in 2007 and then in jerusalem in 2008. i hardly realized how much i missed it till it came this year.

here's something weird too: so you know how memories are induced by smells? or tastes or other random things? i've realized that it's true about weather too. as i walk around on campus lately i keep finding myself reminiscing and and getting lost in memory - but all my memories are coming from the last time i felt weather like this! fall 2006. it's so bizarre. i keep thinking random things about the boy i was dating at the time, the kids to used to nanny, favorite music of the time, the house i used to live in, and even clothes i used to own. it's just very weird, yet, kind of intriguing.

oh fall. how mysterious you are.



  1. cute post.. and fall clothes are the best to wear.

  2. Fall is my fave. The colors, the smell and Fall clothes and the fabric. ohhh lala. Love it :))

  3. last post was mine :)