Tuesday, August 04, 2009


i don't have a car. it's fine, cause i never have, and i've always had to learn how to get by with what i DO have, which i really like actually. it makes for funny situations sometimes. like today for example. 

i hadn't been grocery shopping in weeks, and was living off of oatmeal, rice and beans (which i've come to love). i usually just go along with a roommate when they're getting groceries, but we've all been out of town and i rarely see any of them, and food was becoming scant. so i rode my bike. it's nothing new. i've done it before a few times, but every time it's just so funny to me.  
i have to carefully weigh my options, and not get anything too big, heavy, breakable (eggs) or squishable. it's so fun trying to cram everything into my backpack and purse. the funninest today was when i finally got it all in there and put on my backpack, i realized that there were certain food items (namely a canister of salt and some apples) just digging into my back in all the wrong places. it was like a million degrees, and i decided i could handle it. 

and i rode home. 

i hope this all doesn't sound sarcastic. it really was funny to me. i just laughed to myself, and wondered what people were thinking as they drove past the girl with the weird arching posture, with a backpack that was about to explode.

this is what i had crammed in my backpack and purse. yes, all of it. 

i need to ride my bike more often. it's soothing... well, usually.



  1. Wow, I am impressed!

  2. amusing and very resourceful.
    reminded me of my college days...
    you should have borrowed my car deary