Saturday, June 20, 2009

LA - well, San Diego.

i went to san diego on saturday to see some of my favorite people on the planet. first, i went to see christopher. his house is very modern. i like it a lot.

he's like a boy version of me, and i love that he's my cousin. 
we had fun dying and cutting my hair. 

we went to little italy and had pizza. 

and then we went to christopher's work, where he gave me as many samples as he could fit in between his fingers. it was so delicious. he's so good at that job. 

We went back to his place, where we wrote a song, made a music video and a cd cover, and basically impressed ourselves with our talents. 


it was hard to say goodbye... but not really that hard, cause i was on my way to see derek and david! they're my dear friends from my days in jerusalem. i love them so much!

i hung out at their place for a bit and then derek and i went to la jolla and played at the beautiful beach while the sun went down. 

we had a funny encounter with this man: 
he was trying to make his way across the rocks to get to the big rock, but he slipped on some sea scum and fell in. we held his shoes and wallet for him while he took advantage of his already wet clothes and accomplished what he'd set out to do. 

we continued playing on the beach, catching crabs and sticking our fingers and toes into anemones, running away from waves, climbing over rocks, and enjoying immensely one another's company. it was perfect.  

he took me to seaport village, which was sadly just closing down as we got there, but it was still so fun. since no restaurants were open, we went to one of derek's favorite places, juanitas, and i experienced for the first time (and hopefully not the last) the california burrito. dang, that juanita really knows what she's doing. 

we drove to LA that night, cause derek wanted to see my mission and meet my people. 'twas a pleasant drive. 

'twas a pleasant day. 


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  1. I laughed so hard at the haircut and dye!!