Friday, February 03, 2012

My 27th Birthday Cake

Way back on the 23rd, I turned 27. It was most certainly the best birthday yet. I seriously think it has something everything to do with being married this year. My dear husband is much too good. My birthday was on a Monday, but the entire weekend leading up to it was so fun. I spent Thursday and Friday making my birthday cake for the party on Friday night. I had requested the honor making my own, since I love baking cakes, but rarely get to. Kimball and I can't finish one. Well, we can, but we don't want to. Okay, no, we do want to, but we shouldn't and we won't. Anyway, I settled on this Serbian recipe called a Milk Cake. It was pretty darn good. The tricky part was adjusting the recipe for the size of pan I had, and figuring out all of the measurement conversions.

Random thing I recently learned: did you know a Canadian/British cup is a different amount than an American one? Kimball and I were arguing over this a while back when I kept insisting that I knew with 100% certainty that there were 250 mL in a cup, and he insisted that there were only about 237 (236.6).  We looked it up, and we were both right. So, my advice to you who have moved between countries: don't rely on old recipes or even measuring cups! This might explain why my mom stopped baking when we moved to Utah from Canada. Nothing would turn out the way it had. So weird. See this wikipedia article for more info.

Anyway, this cake was six layers.

 Layers 1 & 4 were thin chocolate-like cakes/biscuits that weren't very sweet.

Layers 2 and 5 were a milk-based white chocolate cream that was thickened with corn starch and then creamed with butter. 

Layers 3 and 6 were an incredibly delicious, creamy milk chocolate frosting consisting of milk, sugar, milk chocolate (only the finest), and butter. 
I also brought some homemade chocolate ice cream to top it off. It was so good with the ice cream, if I do say so myself. 

Enough about the cake, though. This party was so much fun and deserves a post all it's own, which will follow shortly. 


  1. looks yummy-a belated Happy Birthday my dear!

  2. yum indeed! Now I know why any cake or bread I have made over here using a US recipe turns out more dense than I expect! It will be that extra flour from using a "cup" over here. GRRRR. I have always wondered why things never turn out quite the same, now I know. It is just as well I kind of make things up when it comes to soups and sauces, but cakes and breads have suffered, til now. Thank you. And I have an email headed your way shortly.

  3. mmm. still my favourite cake of all time. i'll probably hope you make it again for my birthday... or someone's birthday sooner than mine. :)

    and thanks for letting me know my post was empty. i was updating it on my phone and must have done it wrong!

  4. YUMMY! That looks goooooood! I'm just going to have to try it sometime soon :)

  5. I'm just catching up on my blog reading now and this looks amazing.