Friday, June 29, 2012

out of ideas

We have now been living without wi-fi for about two and a half months. We both have iPhones, so we really aren't' completely Internet-free, but those tiny screens certainly do limit how much you want to use it. We go up to campus every now and then to catch up on things and to use certain websites that are a little trickier on the phone (like our bank) but today as we sit here in this overly air-conditioned classroom I'm realizing that I no longer remember what it is I used to do on my computer all the time. I've stopped visiting certain websites (and I've forgotten about many others), and I don't have any shows I'm keeping up with on Hulu or Netflix anymore (I used to workout to shows, but now I run and think). It feels very strange, and it's kind of refreshing. I am fresh out of ideas when it comes to the internet.
Every morning I use my phone to read the Book of Mormon, check my emails and Facebook and glance over the 10 or so blogs in my reader, and then in the evening I scan the latest pins on Pinterest. I rarely pin anything original anymore, since I don't surf the web at all. I use my phone a ton throughout the day - mostly to listen to This American Life and Radiolab and also to read. I'm currently reading the Prince and the Pauper, Les Miserables, and Evertaster. I'm about a third through The Prince and the Pauper, and I've been reading Les Mis since about November and I'm only about two thirds through that one. Evertaster is a kid's book (I really do love juvenile literature, though) and it was written by Kimball's brother's buddy. We got a copy the day it came out, and I'm just about finished with it. It's actually really good, and pretty funny, but it makes me super hungry... read about it here. Anyway, not having the internet was a pain at first, and my poor laptop has been completely neglected (but it's on the fritz, so I don't like using it anyway... battery is shot, screen is dim, and it is oh so slow!) but I'm actually not minding the interruption of normal life. I have more time to think, more time to read, and more time to learn. One down side is that I don't love blogging from my phone. So, my apologies. Oh, have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? He just is. I love him.

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  1. I totally understand! We gave up cable and I have enjoyed all the extra time I have to be productive. I still don't think I could give up my Internet.