Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I was going through my nail polish the other day, trying to find a good summery color, and to my utter disappointment, everything seemed super out-dated, too dark, or just way too boring. So, not wanting to buy more polish, I set to making my own summery colors! I turned an ugly bright orange into a fun, neon, pinky orange (I added a ton of red and purple), and I turned a super bland, almost see-through beige pink into a brighter, more updated, pink. It took a lot of mixing and shaking, but I'm pretty pleased with the outcomes.

*the orange looks SO good with a tan! I love summer!

This first picture is my new favorite orangey color, and the picture below shows the before (top left) and after (top right) of the pink. That bottom picture in the collage shows all the colors I had to add to get the end result.

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